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Monday, June 19, 2006

Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman Endorsements

There is big news on the endorsement front. Former Vice President Al Gore is snubbing his former running-mate by refusing to endorse Joe Lieberman. And George Jepsen, the immediate past chairman of the Connecticut Democratic Party and the former state Senate majority leader is endorsing Ned Lamont right now:

"It begins with the war, but is not limited to the war," Jepson said. "I sincerely like Joe Lieberman. But I disagree profoundly with his unyielding support for George Bush's war in Iraq, his embrace of the so-called 'culture of life' in overriding the rights of Terry Schiavo, his failure to be an advocate for civil rights issues, his support for school vouchers, his being the only New England Senator to vote to allow the federal government to put a natural gas pipeline in Long Island Sound." [...]

Lamont's presence on the ticket will help all Democrats, "because we will be speaking in one voice," added Jepson.
Jepson joins Democracy for America, MoveOn and the bloggers, the 26,000 members of the Connecticut Federation of Teachers and the 32,000 members of the Connecticut Education Association.

When Lamont wins, I'm sure that the blogosphere won't forget the organizations that acted cowardly by standing with Lieberman against the people. This "list of shame" includes: the League of Conservation Voters, UNITE-HERE, Human Rights Campaign, Food and Commercial Workers, Teamsters, Letter Carriers, Firefighters, Carpenters Locals 24 and 43, Communication Workers of America, Locals 1103 and 1298, Postal Workers Local 237, American Federation of Musicians Local 52-626 and IBEW Local 90.

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