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Monday, June 19, 2006

Hawaii Senate Primary

In an earlier post when I was ripping on the DLC, Kris Schultz said...

Don't forget about Senator Akaka!

Ed Case is challenging Senator Akaka in Hawaii, and this scenario fits right in with the progressive vs. DLCer arguments. Ed Case is Democrat in name only, and Akaka has a solid record supporting progressive causes, especially when one thinks about Iraq.
Lemme give you a few examples.
Akaka opposes the war in Iraq, and wants troop withdrawl. Case follows Bush's bungling strategy on the war and wants to stay the course.
Akaka opposes torture in Guantanamo, and Case supports Rummy and Cheney's crazed "interrogations".
Akaka opposes the Patriot act. Not Case, who's yet again with Bush/Cheney/Rummy.
Akaka needs our support!
Matt Stoller has this to say:

Akaka's challenger is Ed Case, a hyperambitious politician on the far right of the Democratic party. Case comes from an extremely successful and well-heeled family (AOL founder Steve Case is his cousin), and as such, he is still talking about staying the course in Iraq and was a co-sponsor of the Bankruptcy Bill. Akaka is an 81 year old Senator, a progressive who doesn't have that much energy anymore. Daniel Akaka has a deal with Ted Stevens, trading concessions for Hawaii natives for ANWR drilling.

The below-the-radar issue in Hawaii seems to be race and resources. There has been massive immigration in Hawaii over the past twenty years, and there is a fault line between the new white immigrants and the native Hawaiians. Even though Case is one of the most reactionary Democrats in Congress, I'm told that white progressives are somewhat split on Akaka. The progressive Democrats of Hawaii have endorsed Akaka, but Case's message that Hawaii needs a young man as Senator seems to be working in at least some quarters.
I'm a huge fan of fresh blood, but not throwing out a good Democrat for a younger DLC'er. The arguments in favor of new leadership run contrary to the DLC. I'm with Senator Daniel Akaka in this race and I urge you to join me.

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Kris Schultz said...

I'm a little slow to the uptake, but ROCK ON! If anyone wants to, you can donate to his campaign at Dan Akaka needs your support.