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Friday, May 26, 2006

Ned Lamont wins online Triple Crown

I can't think of a single progressive blogger who isn't supporting Ned Lamont, so far Ned Lamont has raised $206350.75 from 4156 people on Act Blue.

Earlier this week, DFA endorsed Ned Lamont which has already brought in $61,545 from 1466 people.

And now, Moveon (with 50,000 members just in Connecticut) has endorsed Ned Lamont:

Dear MoveOn member in Connecticut,

I wanted to share the results from our online primary with you before we tell the media. Drumroll, please: By a whopping 85% to 14%, MoveOn members supported Ned Lamont for Connecticut's U.S. Senate seat -- securing him the MoveOn endorsement.

The movement against the DLC is coming together.

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