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Friday, May 26, 2006

Reform Democrats vs. DLC: 3 Key Races

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Movement Time
This summer, there are three key Democratic Party primaries in the battle between the grassroots and the Democratic Leadership Council (GOP wing of the Democratic Party).

Montana Senate

In 2004, the Montana Miracle elected populist Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer and swept Democrats into power in both chambers of the state legislature. In 2006, state Senate President Jon Tester can continue this grassroots movement and beat embattled Senator Conrad Burns. However, Tester is opposed in the primary by DLC posterboy John Morrison who is GOP-lite and John Morrison is seriously ethically challenged. Tester is a netroots candidate and the only Democrat who can beat Burns. In the June 6th primary election, Senator Tester deserves your support.

California Governor

In 2003, California voters rejected the DLC triangulation of Gray Davis and removed him from office. In 2006, Gray Davis act-alike Steve Westly is dumping tens of millions of dollars of his fortune into his effort for a rerun of the rejected Davis Administration. When Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor, Westly gave him the allusion of bi-partisan support. At the same time, state Treasurer Phil Angelides stood up to the governator despite what the polls said. Westly has attacked Davis with right-wing style ads that are doing long-term damage to the Democratic brand, yet Angelides is leading in the latest polls. In the June 6th primary election, Treasurer Angelides deserves your support.

Connecticut Senate

In 2000, Senator Joe Lieberman was the Democratic Party nominee for vice-president, yet sold out the ticket during the recount. Since then, Lieberman has been President George Bush's favorite Democrat, supporting Bush and giving the allusion of bi-partisan support for the worst administration ever. Democrat Ned Lamont formerly supported Lieberman, but like many Connecticut Democrats has come to the conclusion that Lieberman has abandoned the Democratic Party. Ned Lamont is running a grassroots campaign for U.S. Senate, he is a netroots candidate who is supported by DFA and Moveon. In the August 8th primary election, Ned Lamont deserves your support.

Bay to the Beltway will be following each of these races and following the voting and election night returns. Thank you for considering these candidates, there is a growing progressive movement that is rejecting the failed policies of the DLC that have been repeated over the last election cycles. Even in places like Montana, voters will vote for candidates with whom they disagree, yet respect -- Brian Schweitzer proved this. Even in states as blue as California, voters won't bother to support DLC candidates who focus on triangulating against fellow Democrats for personal gain -- Gray Davis proved this.

The DLC, poll driven approach is the wrong way to connect with swing voters. Sista Soulja moments belong to the failed past while straight talk, bold action, respect and inspiration are defining the bright future for the Democratic Party. Together we can progress, these three races will give us the knowledge necessary to continue the reform and win in 2006 and 2008. Bay to the Beltway asks you to join the movement, sign up with Democracy for America, sign up with Moveon and join the progressive blogosphere by contributing to the netroots candidates.

CA-50 Special Election

On June 6th, registered voters in California's 50th Congressional District will go to the polls to replace former Republican Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham who is currently getting his ass duked in prison where he is serving time for his role in the GOP Culture of Corruption. In the CA-50 Special Election, the GOP nominated Brian Bilbray who lives on the other side of the country and is currently in trouble for vote fraud and perjury. Democrats nominated Francine Busby who has a real plan for ethics reform and is leading in a new poll. Busby is a netroots candidate running in a Republican District -- if she wins she'll set the tone and storyline of the 2006 midterm elections. Francine Busby deserves your support.

Time for Reform!

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