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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Steve Westly Misleads in Online Ads

Steve Westly is heading south fast -- and I'm not talking about campaigning in LA. Westly is blatently deceiving the netroots with his dishonest blogad buy. Go to Political Wire on the latest general election poll, where you'll see Angelides doing as well as Westly. Scroll down, and you'll see the following Westly ad buy:

Only Steve Westly can stop Arnold
Steve Westly is the only
Democrat who can take on
Arnold in 2006 and make
California blue again.

Arnold has pledged to raise $120
million. Help stop him.
This ad is running on many liberal blogs, many which did not list the above linked poll that Political Wire did -- pointing out the desperation of the Steve Westly campaign. Westly is lying, just like he did with going negative. He isn't the only Democrat who can be Arnold Schwarzenegger, in fact even if he wins Democrats lose because of his triangulation ads against Phil Angelides that hurt Democrats in the long run.

Of course, Steve Westly isn't trying to beat Arnold, but buy himself a bigger title. If Westly wanted to join Democrats in opposing the Governator, he could have started years ago. But Westly is a DLC'er and his "brain" trust is Gary South, who forced upon us the Gray Davis disaster.

Westly is going negative because Democrats don't want to get fooled again like we were with Gray Davis:
In a new television ad, Steve Westly wags his index finger and jabs a hand into the air to show how adamant he is about running a clean campaign for governor.

"I promise, unilaterally, I will not do a single negative ad on TV against my opponent unless he attacks me first," he tells a crowd.

Then the ad, aired by his rival Phil Angelides, pillories Westly as a hypocrite, closing with a Sacramento Bee headline: "Westly first to air negative TV ad."

The presence of the ad on California's airwaves is testament to Westly's quick reversal of fortune in the race for the Democratic nomination to challenge Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in November.

Just three weeks ago, the state controller was riding high amid polls showing his emergence as the clear front-runner in the June 6 primary. But now, even Westly's advisors concede that Angelides, the state treasurer, has erased much, and perhaps all, of Westly's early edge.
Westly is running ads that may help him in the short term, but hurt Democrats in the long run. The online ads are like everything with Westly, they are designed to help him, not you. If you don't want a Gray Davis rerun produced by Garry South, then vote for Phil Angelides. I know I will.

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