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Monday, June 19, 2006

DFA Grassroots Allstars

democracy for america Democracy for America is conducting a ranked choice voting to determine the next Grassroots All-Star. Here are the bios on the five candidates:

Jerry McNerney (CA-11)
Jerry is running in the 11th Congressional District in Central California. He is a recognized expert in wind energy and engineering and is currently the CEO of an energy startup. Jerry's top priorities are to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and to make healthcare more affordable for all Americans. In addition, he seeks to improve the economy and job base in California and the nation, in part, by protecting jobs from unfair trade practices. Jerry was a Dean Dozen candidate in 2004.

Nancy Skinner (MI-09)
Nancy is running in the 9th Congressional District in Michigan. After the floods of 1993, she persuaded the White House to coordinate numerous federal agencies to rebuild towns in a sustainable way. With experience with the environment, media and development, Nancy will go to Congress to create jobs and economic development while being environmentally sustainable.

Stephanie Studebaker (OH-03)
Stephanie is running in the 3rd Congressional District in Southern Ohio. She has owned a small business since 1992 and been in veterinary practice since 1990. Her business, Peace of Mind Veterinary Relief Service, is a state-wide organization serving over 300 clients, with over 29 veterinarians on board. Stephanie is committed to equal protection under the law for all Americans regardless of sexual orientation and believes that women should have control over their health decisions.

Patrick Murphy (PA-08)
Patrick is a candidate for the 8th Congressional District in Pennsylvania. He is an Iraq War veteran, former West Point professor, and criminal prosecutor. Patrick has served his country in many ways, and now he is an active voice in calling for a new plan for Iraq. He believes in a responsible exit strategy, with benchmarks and a timeline. He supports stem cell research, and believes that healthcare is a basic human right. Patrick will work for energy independence and a balanced budget.

Phil Avillo (PA-19)
Phil is running in the 19th Congressional District in Pennsylvania. He is currently a professor of history at York College where he teaches American and Civil War history courses. A marine veteran, Phil won the Purple Heart during a tour in Vietnam. He has served his community as president of the York school board. Phil wants to strengthen and protect America by implementing the 9/11 Commission's recommendations, investing in renewable energy, investing in a simple healthcare system, and balancing the budget.
Go vote.

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