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Monday, June 05, 2006

CT-Sen: Ned Lamont Online

Tim Tagaris has an update:

A whole lot of little bits and pieces to share with you before I get to the meat of the entry -- a behind the scenes from Saturday's campaign staff meeting.

1.) Tonight, Jim Dean will join Ned in NYC at 6:30 for a DFA endorsement event (more info).

2.) The campaign launched an online resource page. Please use some of the tools for participation at the link, and expect much more coming soon.

3.) We have a new Flickr page. Bookmark it or subscribe to the feed.

4.) Someone sent me this handy "GoogleBomb CT" reference page for your blog entries.

5.) This Thursday at noon in New Haven, DFA and MoveOn are holding a joing rally for Ned. (more info)

6.) Check out the local CT online landscape and invite your networks to do the same.

7.) Put a Ned Lamont button on your website or blog.

Go read the whole post, it has pics and video. Speaking of Item Four:

Ned Lamont - Official Campaign Website
Ned Lamont - Official Ned Lamont Resource Page
Ned Lamont - "Ned Lamont Forces Bush's Boy Into Primary" (Alternet)
Ned Lamont - Unofficial Ned Lamont Resource
Ned Lamont - Unofficial Lamont Blog
Ned Lamont - NOW PAC Endorses Ned Lamont for Senate
Ned Lamont - "Ned Lamont vs. Joe Lieberman" (The Nation)
Ned Lamont - NedHeads YouTube Group
Ned Lamont - "Democrats for Ned Lamont" (Taylor Marsh)
Ned Lamont - "Lamont Fires Up Naples" (New Haven Independent)

Joe Lieberman - "Seasonal Memory Lapses" by Paul Bass (Hartford Courant)
Joe Lieberman - "Lieberman Wins Republican Friends, Democratic Enemies... (WaPo)
Joe Lieberman - "Joe Lieberman's Very Bad Year" (The Nation)
Joe Lieberman - "Joe Lieberman Disappoints Democrats" (Talk Left)
Joe Lieberman - "Joe Lieberman is a Big Oil Republican" (LamontBlog)
Joe Lieberman - "Joe Lieberman and the Hostile Takeover of Centrism" (Working Assets)
Joe Lieberman - "Joe Lieberman, an Embarassment to His Party & His Country"
Joe Lieberman - "Joe for President Parody -- A New Kind of Democrat, the Republican Kind"
Joe Lieberman - "Paul Krugman on Talk-Show Joe" (Brad DeLong)
Joe Lieberman - "How Joe Lieberman Tried to Kill Rock 'N Roll (Huffington Post)"

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