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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CA-26: Where is the Victory Fund

The Victory Fund bills itself as, "the only national organization committed to increasing the number of openly LGBT public officials at federal, state and local levels of government." In CA-26, the latest poll shows incumbent Congressman David Dreier with a 35% approval rating and Dreir's standing took a major hit when he was publically rebuffed by the GOP caucus because of reports he is a closeted homosexual.

Democrat Cynthia Matthews on the other hand is open about being a lesbian, so one would assume that the Victory Fund would be all over California's 26th Congressional District campaign, but they aren't. The Washington Blade reports:

This year, one openly gay House candidate lost in a primary and two dropped out for lack of support or sufficient funds to wage a competitive political campaign.

Another three -- all from California -- won their primaries and will be on the ballot in November. But none has been endorsed or received financial support from the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, the primary organization in the gay rights movement focused on electing openly gay candidates to public office. [...]

One of the candidates, Democrat Cynthia Matthews, surprised political observers when she received 42.8 percent of the vote in 2004 in her race against Republican incumbent David Dreier in a district located northeast of Los Angeles. Dreier, who had been in office nearly 25 years, received 53.6 percent, and a Libertarian Party candidate received 3.6 percent.

That surprising showing was despite Dreier outspending Matthews 52:1. Maybe it could be a different story this year if Cynthia Matthews had some more resources -- say maybe from support from the Victory Fund.

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