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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Donate Tonight

Chris Bowers says:

To make that national difference, you need to donate now. Over at the MyDD / Dailykos / Swing State Project combined Act Blue page, there are many candidates worthy of your support:
  • Ned Lamont, the current shining star of the new progressive movement. His strong challenge against Joe Lieberman is scaring the political establishment to death, and whose victory on August 8th will single-handedly transform the Democratic Party.
  • Jon Tester, whose historic and resounding primary victory on June 6th in Montana now makes him one of the most likely Democrats to pick-up a Senate seat in November. And he did it with a come from behind, people-powered and netroots campaign. Jon Tester is a victory of the new progressive movement.
  • James Webb, whose victory in the Virginia Senatorial primary was also fueled by a people-powered movement. Now, he has suddenly forced George Allen, once thought to be the Republican front-runner for President in 2008, into a competitive race. Not only would this race be a great victory for the netroots, not only would it send a racist, sexist, chickenhawk psychopath packing, but it would deny Republicans a serious option in 2008.
  • Jerry McNerney, another movement candidate who defeated the establishment and rejected triangulation. Now, his people-powered campaign is facing off against corrupt Richard Pombo in CA-11, and polling shows him to be very competitive in a red district. For all you Cegalis backers out there who know I dropped the ball in IL-06, this is a race where we can join together and win.
  • Darcy Burner, whose campaign has been propelled nearly into top tier status almost entirely by the amazing netroots scene in the Northwest. Facing a Republican freshmen in a district that is trending blue, we can't win a real majority in Congress unless our movement candidate in the northwest can bring this one home.
  • Patrick Murphy, who is a fighting Dem not only because he served in Iraq, but also because his campaign inspired people on the ground and took the nomination in what was once a crowded field. Patrick is not only supported by the local netroots scene in Philly, he is a member of the local netroots scene. In a district that both Kerry and Gore won, there is probably no way to win back Congress unless Patrick Murphy wins in November. And oh yeah--is opponent, freshman Michael Fitzpatrick, is trying to curb the netroots through federal legislation.
  • Joe Sestak, who wowed attendees at Yearly Kos, and who is a retired Vice-Admiral from the Navy. Joe is running against the insane lunatic Curt Weldon is a lean-Dem district in the Philly suburbs, making this a huge strategic pressure point. This is the race that could bankrupt the NRCC, and leave us with one less worshiper of the Rev. Moon in Congress.
  • Paul Hodes, whose campaign fits the "Northeast Strategy" to a T. An aggressive former prosecutor who has sent environmental criminals to jail, Hodes is taking on an out-of-touch Republican incumbent in this blue-leaning district. (NH-02 voted for Kerry over Bush by a 52-47 margin.) Hodes' strong progressive values are the perfect antidote to Republican corruption both in Washington and in New Hampshire.
  • Eric Massa, a frequent and popular member of the MyDD community, who is running against a freshman Republican who pulled shotgun on his wife. As Republicans do everything they can to smear Democratic patriotism and call for Jack Murtha to be murdered, Eric has been at the forefront of our pushback against those vicious slanders. Eric is also a fighting Dem, and his smart common sense leadership style make him perfect for this rural district.
  • Linda Stender, the Democratic nominee in NJ-07, is our best chance for a pickup in blue-state New Jersey. As we all know, MyDD is heavily connected to the netroots scene there. It is people like Linda Stender who will prove all of our strategies and activism to be right, as Democrats take over the House of Representatives in 2006.
That is what we have on tap. There is no shortage of movement candidates. There is no shortage of Fighting Dems. There is no shortage of smart, strategically important races. This is the combined netroots page, for which you have already helped raise more than $224,000, but for which this week is its most important week ever. While you are at the combined netroots page, don't forget to tip Act Blue, which makes all of this possible, and throw some change to BlogPac, which continues to work to defend the netroots. Also, don't just think that money is the only way you can make a difference. Check out the local blogs listed, read a campaign website, or volunteer for a campaign near you. Find some way to take action, because any movement can only go as far as its members can take it.
Do it!

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