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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Russ Feingold Supporters for Phil Angelides

phil angelides for california governor 2006 Today, Senator Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriots Fund endorsed Phil Angelides:

Feingold announced today that Phil Angelides, Democratic Candidate for California Governor, is the winner of the fifth "Pick a Progressive Patriot" contest. After a week of online voting, in which thousands of people from the online community participated, Mr. Angelides won the latest contest as he attempts to unseat Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger this fall.

Phil Angelides will receive a $5,000 contribution from the Progressive Patriots Fund. The fund will also contribute smaller amounts to the nine other featured candidates.

This "Pick a Progressive Patriot" contest featured both incumbent governors and challengers from across the country, complementing an ongoing effort by Senator Feingold to highlight and support candidates as we work toward a progressive majority at all levels this fall.

"I am proud to support Phil Angelides. Phil is running for Governor to increase educational opportunities, provide higher quality health care to more people, and protect taxpayers by fighting corporate corruption." Feingold said. "I am happy to contribute $5,000 to his campaign and am pleased to add him to our growing list of Progressive Patriots."
This is good news for the Angelides' campaign -- hopefully it will generate significant interest from Feingold's nationwide network of supporters.

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