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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Sandoval Campaign: Forget D11

The worst political website ever (sandoval2004) sheds some more light on the Supervisor from District 11.

After discovering that Sandoval's last website ( was registered by the City, I thought I'd look into who was paying for the his new site:

Registrant: Committee to Reelect Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval (37515627O)
2370 Market St. #460
San Francisco, CA 94114-1575
Phone: 415-812-4640
Domain Name: SANDOVAL2004.COM

Well, at least Sandoval is paying for the site this time. But what is he doing running his campaign for re-election in District 11 from Market Street?

District 11, or Inner Siberia as it has been nicknamed, is often forgotten by the decision makers in San Francisco. So why would Supervisor Sandoval contribute to this perception by running his campaign from Market Street instead of from his District? Probably, because he doesn't care.

It has already been documented that Sandoval couldn't find the OMI with a map and this latest revelation only furthers the notion that Sandoval's heart couldn't be further from District 11.

- Bob Brigham
Bay to the Beltway
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