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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

"Dublin phone book" budget

Supervisor Sandoval's Budget Committee is going over the budget for the Fire Department. I can't help but remember the time Sandoval said the Fire Department employee list reads like the Dublin phone book. I went searching for the full quote, but it came from a Frank Gallagher column (07/10/02) that is lost in the gap of the Examiner's archives.

Apparently, Sandoval denied making the comment. But my search did find a great H. Brown column on the subject that reads:

Sandoval imitates John Rocker

To my able counterpart at the Examiner, Frank Gallagher: Yes, Frank, Sandoval lied if he said he did not describe the San Francisco Fire Department as being like "a Dublin" phone book." Let's see, that makes him a lying, indecisive bigot ... a scumbag anti-Semite ... the man is columnist material!

I heard the boy make the "Dublin" comment to Joe Grubb of the Rent Board, so it sure as hell wasn't off-camera.

- Bob Brigham
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