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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Limited Bandwidth: Sandoval online

Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval's website demonstrates why Sandoval is just smart enough to make himself look like an imbecile.

Visitors to the site get an updated greeting bragging about Supervisor Sandoval's new legislation which created a website to help seniors purchase prescription drugs from Canada. Obviously, this shows that Sandoval understands that websites can be powerful tools.

Now click on the Community button and you're sent to the page where Supervisor Sandoval shows his knowledge of District 11. This is where he "Mary Harris" is spelled "Marry Harris" twice. But the real kicker is the map. Not only does the map have outdated District 11 boundaries and precinct information, but it shows a complete lack of knowledge about District 11.

Sandoval knows enough about District 11 to list the contact info for CIA and New Mission Terrace-NIA, but posts a map that shows neither the Cayuga neighborhood nor Mission Terrace. Sandoval's website lists OMI-NIA and OMI-CAO, but his map neglects Merced Heights and the Oceanview, referring to the whole OMI as the Ingleside.

If this is the map Sandoval has been using to guide his representation, then a whole lot is beginning to make sense.

- Bob Brigham
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