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Friday, June 25, 2004

"Only is San Francisco" politics

Gate Keepers Miffed

Mayor Gavin Newsom, policy wonk, is catching fire for not spending enough time baby-sitting the gate keepers. The Mayor who turned "open door days" into "knock on your door days" gets blasted in both the Chron. and Ex. when a planning commission isn't re-appointed. Rev. Edgar Boyd was a supporter of Newsom who is playing the race card because Newsom is was spending too much time going door-to-door and not enough time listening to "community leaders" who claim to represent the people. Newsom, with his business approach, has cut out the middle man and the gate keepers are pissed.

Shameful Gays

On the other side of the barricades, this week marks the one year anniversary of Gay Shame attacking Newsom's motorcade. This year, Newsom is a Grand Martial and reigning Gay Icon.

Civil Rights Hero, Savoir of Democratic Party

And yes, Mayor Newsom is getting around. Hollywood paid homage to Newsom, with fanfare. Yesterday, while Rev. Boyd was complaining about him, Newsom was in New York getting the Civil Rights Hero of the Year award. David Binder said Newsom is getting built up as, "next savior of the Democratic party" in a story about Newsom and Clinton.

High Noon, Mr. President

Right now, Newsom is going toe-to-toe with the White House as he pushes a resolution at the Conference of Mayors condemning President Bush's Gay Marriage Amendment to the Constitution. Newsom looks good juxtaposed against Bush. When the local papers run negative stories, Newsom finds positive press at the national level, this month is GQ.

Only in San Francisco

Newsom's surge is part of a trend, San Francisco politics have once again created a wave of national powerhouses. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is the Democratic Leader. Assemblymember Mark Leno has Senator Ted Kennedy introducing him to the big money. Secretary of State Kevin Shelley has turned into the elections chief for the entire nation.

Supervisor Matt Gonzalez is a big player in the Green (re-elect Bush) Party scene. Senator John Burton seems to have taken Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger under his wing and Senator Feinstein is going to shine at the Democratic Convention. Only in San Francisco politics.

- Bob Brigham
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