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Friday, June 25, 2004

Newsom Gay Marriage Conspiracy

While normal people are reading about Mayor Gavin Newsom as the Civil Rights Hero of the Year, the god fearing types over at Cybercast News Service have a very interesting expose titled (I am not making this up) Documents Reveal San Francisco Mayor's Ties to Homosexual Activists.

Judicial Watch has uncovered the paper trail that shows that aides to the mayor sought advice from legal experts in the LGBT community and even invited them to the first ceremony.

I recommend skipping right to the part where the "ex-homosexuals" get quoted. "Reporter" Robert B. Bluey managed to find 2 ex-homosexuals for this article, if you know where he can find more for future "news" stories, email him at

But when you're done laughing, go back and take a look at the lead because we might be hearing some more of this if Judicial Watch decides to give Mayor Newsom the Ken Starr treatment.

- Bob Brigham
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