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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Gerardo Sandoval Update

This week, every political junkie in town has been talking about the scandal involving the "private" or "personal" website Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval set up (apparently with city funds) with the San Francisco Seal on every page.

In addition to the whois listing that shows Sandoval had the Board of Supervisors register his name dot org, I've thought the most damning piece of evidence is the disclaimer page.

The disclaimer page says in no uncertain terms that is a private page. Which then opens the whole ethical can of worms of why the site has the City Seal and is paid for by the taxpayers (while Supervisor McGoldrick has a very similar page paid for by his campaign).

Yes, it is the disclaimer page that connects all the dots. Which is why it is not surprising that a Google search for "Supervisor Sandoval" lists it as the first result. Who needs deepthroat when you have Google...

- Bob Brigham
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