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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

DSCC and the 24 hour news cycle

DSCC loses candidate, last seen with remote, car keys

Go to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee website and their top listed challenger is Burt Cohen in New Hampshire.

Here is the DSCC outlook on the race:
Burt Cohen
New Hampshire: State Senator
With a record 218,000 voters casting ballots in the New Hampshire Primary, it is clear that New Hampshire is ready for change. According to exit polling those 218,000 Democratic and Independent voters are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the current administration and the direction the Republican majority is taking this country. Senator Cohen needs 257,662 votes to win in November. With a solid base of 218,000 voters, Sen. Cohen needs to persuade only 39,000 voters to win in November.

But visit Burt Cohen's campaign website and you get a less optimistic outlook on his chances of success:
A Message from Burt Cohen
I have ended my campaign for United States Senate. This is not what I want to do - I've worked hard for this and had hoped to share my vision for New Hampshire and for America. I still believe strongly that we deserve a Senator who respects and listens to us. Sadly, there is a campaign situation outside of my control that we are looking into. It would have been unfair to the Democratic Party for me to continue this campaign.

I wish I had more answers to give you, but I can promise you that as they do, I will make them available.

Thank you to my supporters for their hard work and belief that together, we would have fought to create the New Hampshire we deserve.


Burt Cohen

In case you haven't been following the Jesse Burchfield scandal don't worry, neither has the DSCC.

- Bob Brigham
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