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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Weird Politics: News Update

San Francisco may have the naked lady incident, but do we really compare with some of the political bizarro happening elsewhere in the country.

New Hampshire politics have been downright loony as of late. Last week there was the Burchfield incident which dealt a serious blow to Democrats hopes to win back the U.S. Senate.

Now, New Hampshire Attorney General Peter Heed has resigned after allegation he groped a woman on the dance floor of a conference about preventing sexual abuse. Yes, you did read that right.

Capitolfax reports a classic in weird politics involving Congressman Danny Davis and the ghosts of Hitler and Stalin supporting Reverend Sun Myung Moon who apparently is the "Messiah" and "Returning Lord" in addition to being the owner of the Washington Times.

Of course, the greatest political scandal award still goes to Montana Governor Judy Martz. George Oschenski reminds us of how the Lap Dog Governor scored scandal bonus points with the washing machine at the Governor's mansion:
"When [Gov. Martz chief policy advisor] Shane Hedges killed Majority Leader Paul Sliter in a drunk driving accident coming back to Helena after a night of boozing it up at the Marysville House with Leo Giacommetto and several other top GOP insiders, it was Gov. Martz who went to the hospital and took Hedges to the governor's mansion -- even though he had been told by a highway patrolman to stay at the hospital. It was also Gov. Martz who decided to wash Hedge's blood-stained clothes before they could be fully examined -- "laundering the evidence," as it were."

- Bob Brigham
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