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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Bruce Springsteen, September 2, Giants Stadium

Back on May 17th the New York Daily news broke the story with the following rumor:

The Boss vs. The Prez
Could Bruce Springsteen be plotting to rain on the Republicans' campaign parade?

Democratic operatives are buzzing that the Boss has been talking about staging a free concert somewhere on Sept. 2, when President Bush is due to address the Republican National Convention.

Besides getting out the vote, Springsteen hopes to provide "counterprogramming to the message the Republicans will be broadcasting," says a source.

A spokeswoman for Springsteen would only say, "There are no confirmed Bruce shows for 2004."

Reuters followed up when Springsteen posted Al Gore's speech last week. And today I learned from Chris Nolan of Andrew Rasiej's DRAFT BRUCE petition which reads as follows:
Dear Bruce,

We the undersigned need you.

Our country's leadership is in desperate need of change.

On September 2, the Republicans will hold their convention in New York City, and an opportunity exists at that time to remind Americans that they can choose an alternative vision for the future of our country.

We have put Giants Stadium on hold on this date in the hope that you will join us and lead the music industry in coming together and perform in a concert for change.

We are calling the event VoteAid: Concert for Change and any money it generates will go to support voter registration and participation.

Once it is known that you are involved, many other artists will want to join you. Together your collective voices and music will send a clear message to all Americans that our country needs their vote to create change. Thank you.


Andrew Rasiej

Back on June 10, Bay to the Beltway wrote about about Bruce Springsteen's free concert: "If The Boss is ready to step back into the political spotlight, this is wonderful news for everyone who understands the urgency of throwing Bush out of office. For one, Springsteen has amazing street-cred as a hero of the regular guy. Yes "regular guy" as in "white male" as in the very people the Democratic Party needs to awaken to the incompetence of Bush. Sure, the vast majority will still vote for Bush, but hopefully they'll lose some enthusiasm. That, and for many white women, Bruce Springsteen is still a sex symbol."

A thousand dreams within our hearts

Bruce Springsteen is "the embodiment of an American ideal that we can't attain" according to Springsteen biographer Charles Cross. The Boss represents a pride in Blue Collar America where every month is a battle and nothing is to be taken for granted when all the powers that be are against you. This is the Democratic message for the iron belt. For the industrial north-east. This is a winning message.

Yes Bruce, please fill all of the 80,242 seats in Giants Stadium and send Bush home to Texas.

- Bob Brigham
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