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Sunday, May 04, 2008

CYD Leaders Use Facebook to Organize Support for AB 1819

Yesterday, I wrote about AB 1819, Voter Pre-Registration by Assemblyman Curren Price. The bill is now being supported by leaders of the California Young Democrats who have taken to Facebook and begun organizing a group: Supporters of AB 1819 (Voter Pre-Registration):


Increasing registration of young voters is not a Democratic or a Republican issue - it's an issue of civic engagement and ensuring a vibrant democracy.

The California Young Democrats encourage you to join us in spreading the word about AB1819, a bill by Assemblymember Curren Price, that allows young people ages 16 and 17 to "pre-register" to vote if they comply with all other requirements to vote. Upon turning 18 they will automatically be able to vote and sent election materials.

This is a great bill to help encourage young voters to join in the political process. If we don't vote, our voices won't be heard - and it's time to ensure that we take steps to bring young people into the process as soon as possible!

Support AB 1819? Send the petition!

For more info on AB 1819:

Want to organize your club or contact your local elected officials and ask them for your support? Email Becca Doten ( and we can get you set up with information and track the individuals and organizations in support.

This is an opportunity for Young Dems across the state to come together to take a position on a great bill that will help increase the number of young people voting. Please forward this along to your organizations and let us know if your organization formally takes a positon!

The group currently stands at 127 members. It will be fun to see how fast it grows.

-By Bob Brigham

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