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Friday, October 27, 2006

Sen. George Felix Allen Divorce Scandal

Tomorrow's papers are going to be writing about the Sen. George Felix Allen's divorce scandal. When Josh Marshall suggests something to the press, it is time to pay attention:

The Allen campaign refuses to return our calls asking whether Sen. Allen will release his sealed divorce records. We're not the only news outlet asking, just the only one telling you how the Allen campaign is responding. Heck, one major national daily had a reporter out in LA for at least week trying to nail down the story. It's what every Washington insider is talking about: what's inside those sealed records down in Albemarle County. Now that the Allen campaign is about to go on the airwaves about sex scenes in Jim Webb's books, maybe you should know about this too.

Political Wire updates:

Update: A very reputable political reporter tells me this isn't from Democratic opposition research and that it's probably coming out because many feel Allen "crossed the line" when he started talking about Jim Webb's novels.

I'm told divorce records are usually sealed for two reasons: (a) to protect kids, and (b) to protect large financial fortunes. Neither situation applies in Allen's case, so the suspicion is that it's something not very nice.

Update II: A clue might be in this Ryan Lizza piece on Mark Warner about a story that had been "making the rounds" about a 2008 presidential contender who "once spit on his wife." That rumor was also about Allen.

It will be interesting to see how different reporters handle this.

Will Allen's spin be that spitting at her isn't as bad as strangling her or shooting her in the face with a shotgun?

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