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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Did Joe Lieberman Pay Off Jennifer Medina?

Since Joe Lieberman's campaign refuses to release the records they were required to keep on their slush fund, we may never know. What we do know is that Jennifer Medina wrote the following on page B1 of the New York Times:

Never, in the statements reviewed, did Mr. Lieberman utter the words "stay the course."

From the online correction:

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman has used the phrase "stay the course" several times in discussing the war in Iraq in recent years, echoing a key phrase of the White House, contrary to an article published today in The Times. [...]

As recently as November 2005, upon returning from a trip to Iraq, for instance, he said on CNN’s American Morning that he agreed with the administration’s view that it was necessary to "stay the course."

"I agree to the extent that we have to stay the course of the policy we chose in overthrowing Saddam and helping the Iraqi people become free, which will really make use a lot more secure and set the terrorists back," Mr. Lieberman said, adding that some of the war tactics should change.

The original article noted that the database, which included more than 300 Iraq-related comments since the Sept 11 terrorist attacks, could not be comprehensive. But five of Mr. Lieberman’s "stay the course" references were, in fact, included in the database, and should have been mentioned in the article. It is unclear why the phrase did not come up when the database was checked before publication.

What else is unclear is whether Lieberman paid off Jennifer Medina. Nobody is going to trust what she says, so the only way we can clear this up is if Lieberman does as his campaign promised and release the logs.

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