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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Joe Lieberman is Full of Shit

Joe Lieberman in 15 minutes:

It's precisely because of the horrible cost of the war, and the impact that has had on public support for our mission in Iraq, that I have tried to present an honest, non-partisan, balanced picture of what's happening on the ground there.
Time magazine Baghdad bureau chief Michael Ware eight months ago:
I and some other journalists had lunch with Senator Joe Lieberman the other day and we listened to him talking about Iraq. Either Senator Lieberman is so divorced from reality that he's completely lost the plot or he knows he's spinning a line. Because one of my colleagues turned to me in the middle of this lunch and said he's not talking about any country I've ever been to and yet he was talking about Iraq, the very country where we were sitting.
Hopefully, come Tuesday night, Lieberman will be embarrassing the Connecticut for Lieberman Party instead of the Democratic Party when he blatently lies.

P.S. More Lieberman, "That's why they keep repeating and misrepresenting a single comment I made in one speech, in which I said we undermine the President's credibility at our peril."

First of all, this wasn't an offhanded comment in a speech. In fact, it wasn't in a speech at all. It was a carefully crafted column that Joe wrote for the right-wing Wall Street Journal. Literally, Joe Lieberman is full of shit. Getting rid of Lieberman is the first step to remove the plague the DLC has unleashed upon the Democratic Party.

UPDATE: Whoops, got some of Lieberman's disgusting triangulations mixed up. It was the Wall Street Journal where Lieberman wrote:
I have just returned from my fourth trip to Iraq in the past 17 months and can report real progress there. [...]

Progress is visible and practical. [...]

I am disappointed by Democrats who are more focused on how President Bush took America into the war in Iraq almost three years ago, and by Republicans who are more worried about whether the war will bring them down in next November's elections, than they are concerned about how we continue the progress in Iraq in the months and years ahead.
I don't think this changes my contention that Lieberman is full of shit, if anything it just goes to show how confusing it can be to try and keep up with all of Lieberman's DLC triangulation quotes.

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