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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Have YOU Had Enough? A Song for Change!

I love Down With Tyranny and Blue America!

I was so revolted by the election-- legitimate election, no less-- of Richard Nixon that I left the country and lived overseas for nearly 7 years. Nor was I overjoyed by the advent if Ronald Reagan, not by a long shot and, frankly, I always recognized Bill Clinton as merely an infinitely more benevolent version of the same corporate tyranny that Republicans inflict on us. But not Reagan, certainly not Clinton or Bush the First, and not even Nixon (who drove me out of the country I love!) are as steeped in the kind of utter reprehensibility like the current monstrosity in the White House. I do believe no president in the history of our nation comes close to the sheer destructiveness to the national cohesion as Bush and the crew of miscreants around him. Look, if you've read Down With Tyranny you would have probably figured out I feel this way. But what's it got to do with a song that I neither wrote nor performed on?

I don't want to go down without a fight. And if we don't stand up and fight we are surely going down. Fuming and ranting to like-minded blog readers has been cathartic and rewarding in many ways-- and I like to think I played a little roll in helping uncover the Republican Culture of Corruption, at least in terms of Randy "Duke" Cunningham and Jerry Lewis. And the community DWT has formed with Firedoglake and Crooks and Liars in the shape of Blue America is barreling towards the $150,000 mark (mostly in small donations) for our list of progressive candidates. But blogging still didn't seem nearly enough in light of the depravity the Bush Regime has dragged our country through.

Today is the official "release" of a song, "Have You Had Enough," that came together very organically. Before you read the rest of this, just click here and listen to the 2:45 ditty (no dirty words or images; I promise).
If you like it, support the Blue America Candidates!

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