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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Jerry McNerney Bay Area Fundraiser

The great thing about Jerry McNerney's campaign against Pombo is that it is becoming the race for the entire Bay Area.

Host: John Cruikshank
Location: "The Rock"
61 Crecienta Drive, Sausalito 94965, CA
When: Saturday, July 22, 6:00pm

Come support Jerry Mcnerney's campaign to unseat
Richard Pombo in the 11th California Congressional
District. This is the most important Bay Area race of
the November 6th mid-term elections. Richard Pombo's
violence against the environment and unflinching
support of Bush's failed agenda affects us all.
Truly, we are all members of the 11th district. Enjoy
witty political cabaret performed by AUDITORIALS
featuring their new hit, "Pombo Mambo."

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