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Monday, July 10, 2006

2008 Senate Races

In addition to Democrats potential to replace Max Baucus in 2008, there are a lot of vulnerable Republicans. Kos reports:


Stevens (R) will be 85, and constantly threatens retirement. An open seat might be possible.


Allard (R), who won a tight race in 2002, will face a tough challenger in Rep. Mark Udall.


Chambliss (R) won in 2002 by morphing war hero Max Cleland into Osama Bin Laden. People want revenge.


Roberts (R) should be safe, if he doesn't retire, but massive rifts in the Kansas GOP have given new blood to the state's Democratic Party. Will bear watching.


McConnel (R) has an iron grip on his state's Republican Party. Of course, that party is now mired in myriad scandals and faces serious losses in 2007. Will that stench hurt McConnel?


Coleman (R) will get challenged by local-boy-done-good Al Franken.


There's lots of talk that Cochran (R) will retire, setting off a battle between Rep. Pickering (R) and former Attorney General Moore (D). And the smart money in that showdown would be with Moore.

New Hampshire

Freshman Sen. Sununu (R) will be looking for reelection in a state that is trending heavily into the Blue column.

New Mexico

Domenici (R), 76, will have to run in this trending Blue state.

North Carolina

Freshman Sen. Liddy Dole (R) will face her first reelection. North Carolina Dems are on the rise with the insane growth of the liberal-leaning Research Triangle. The state's changing demographics are in our favor.


Smith (R) is increasingly out of touch with his ever bluer state.

South Dakota

Johnson (D) will likely be the GOP's top and only serious target.

West Virginia

If Rockefeller (D) runs for reelection, this will be a safe seat. If not, then it'll be a tough hold.


Warner (R) will be 81, and there's lots of talk that he will retire.

The Rest

Delaware (D)
Iowa (D)
Massachusetts (D)
Michigan (D)
Nebraska (R)
New Jersey (D)
Oklahoma (R)
Tennessee (R)
West Virginia (D)
South Carolina (R)
Arkansas (D)
Alabama (R)
Idaho (R)
Illinois (D)
Louisiana (D)
Maine (R)
Montana (D)
Rhode Island (D)
Texas (R)
Wyoming (R)

If we can do well in 2006, then Democrats could be in excellent position after 2008.

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