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Monday, July 24, 2006

Hillary Clinton: Bride of Joe Lieberman

hillary clinton DLCColin McEnroe has a great column for Salon looking at why Bill Clinton is campaigning for Joe Lieberman today:

Lieberman may have chastised Clinton, but he has also provided a template for the other politician in the Clinton family. Hillary Clinton has undergone a gradual but very public transformation into a kind of Bride of Lieberman, hawkish on the war, adamantly pro-Israel and tracking right on social issues. She even likes to bash video games, just like Joe.

Hillary's politics are Joe's politics. If Lieberman sinks, it will raise a lot of questions about the current Clinton strategy, which is really just a post-millennial version of that old-time DLC religion. When I asked Waters why she thought Clinton was coming to Connecticut, she said there were rumors in Washington that he and his wife are freaked out by the sudden progressive insurgency. The DLC is putting down a small rebellion before it spreads. Thus, Bill, the DLC's greatest success story, will be standing alongside former DLC chairman Lieberman in Waterbury mere hours after Hillary gives the keynote speech at the DLC's annual national convention in Denver.
While the DLC is doing everything they can to distance themselves from Lieberman's flaccid re-election campaign, it is clear that Lieberman's problems are a direct result of choosing the Democratic Leadership Council route instead of the Democratic Party path.

Hillary Clinton is just like Joe Lieberman and if the netroots decide to work as a team to reform the 2008 presidential field then Clinton could fall just as quickly in the polls. Connecticut is a referendum on the DLC and Lieberman's plan to ditch the Party shows what they really mean when they talk about a Third Way.

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