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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blogosphere Day 2006 Update

Udpated x4

So far, Ned Lamont has already surpassed Ginny Schrader's Blogosphere Day 2004 fundraising -- and with Ned personally matching each dollar raised the campaign has over $60K more to spend taking back the Democratic Party. Blogosphere Day 2006 is off to a great start!

Lamont's fundraising is all the more impressive when you realize that it was less than three weeks ago that all of the bloggers were focused on asking people to donate before the end of the second quarter. I think it was far easier to get people to donate during Blogosphere Day 2005 because most people hadn't recently been hit up for campaign cash.

But people are stepping up, Tim Tagaris has the list of blogs supporting Lamont so far today:

Patriot Boy
Down With Tyranny
My Left Nutmeg
Seeing the Forest
Bay to the Beltway
BooMan Tribune
Connecticut Blog
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
Crooks & Liars
Swing State Project (my old blog, tear)
In addition, many bloggers are using Blogosphere Day 2006 to support all of the candidates on their Act Blue pages. Kos says:
My hope for today is that everyone drops at least $5 into some candidate's kitty, whether it's someone on the ActBlue Netroots page, someone else's ActBlue page, or your favorite candidate (national or local).
Over at Down With Tyranny, Howie Klein is celebrating by giving away great music for donors to the new Blue America Act Blue page.

Ohio 2nd Blog
and Buckeye State Blog are asking people to raise money to activate Act Blue for local candidates in Ohio.

Say No To Pombo is celebrating Blogosphere Day by raising money for Jerry McNerney (who has a big Bay Area fundraiser Saturday).

Speaking of Bay Area events, in the comments at Daily Kos, Willy Mugobeer suggests today is a good day to donate to Charlie Brown and invites Blogosphere Day celebrants to celebrate in person this week:
If you're in Northern California, come by one of his fundraisers this weekend in SF -- Happy Hour at Schroeder's on Friday, or a brunch in Pacific Heights Saturday.
Today is a happy Blogosphere Day! Go donate to somebody, if not Ned Lamont how about Jon Tester (who has already raised over $3,000 on Act Blue today).

UPDATE: I completely forgot to mention that Atrios has been spreading posts hyping many of his candidates today, including: Ned Lamont, Lois Murphy, Patrick Murphy, his whole list, Donna Edwards, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, and Joe Sestak. That, my friends, is how you do it!

UPDATE II: Joe Lieberman stands at $359 from 9 donors across all Act Blue pages.

UPDATE III: Atrios also blogs about Chris Carney, Tester is up to $3,800 (which is worth twice as much in Montana) and Lamont has received donations from more than 500 people today. Chris Bowers will be running play-by-play at MyDD. Here is last year's play-by-play.

UPDATE IV: Digby joins the celebration and Down With Tyranny blogs on Ned Lamont. Speaking of Lamont, as of 7 Eastern he is at $8,140 on ActBlue and $37,150 through his campaign.

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