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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Which Democrats Support democracy?

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Thanks mostly to the political malpractice of DSCC head Chuck Schumer, the issue of which Democrats will support Joe Lieberman if he abandons the Democratic Party is now a front and center issue both locally and nationally.

The national uproar began on the blogs and soon spread to email, with Democracy for America leader Jim Dean (himself a Connecticut Primary voter) sending an Open Letter to Beltway Democrats (you can sign your name):

I am disappointed that Senator Lieberman has refused to rule out leaving the Democratic Party to run for re-election as an Independent.

I plan to support the winner of the Democratic primary for Senate in August because I believe that Democrats need to stand together in November. All Democrats, both inside and outside the Beltway, must do the same. We can't afford to divide ourselves -- too much is at stake.

I hope you will join DFA, Ned Lamont, and thousands of other grassroots Democrats by pledging to fully support the winner of the Democratic primary on August 8th.


Jim Dean
Chair, Democracy for America
And now Connecticut Democrats are going to be held to account:
It's time to demand that local Democratic officials, candidates, and public servants be honest with their constituents and state clearly for the record whether or not they will support their party in November.

But we need your help.

CTBlogger will be compiling a list of prominent CT Dems and their answers to this simple question: Will you support the Democratic candidate for Senate in November?

Contact your local Democratic officials, state officials, prominent party members, and current candidates for office and let us know what their responses are. You can post it in the comments to this thread or email it to me or CTBlogger, and we will compile the list.

Click "read more" for a starting list of officials and their contact info. Contact your local state senators, state reps, etc. too:

John DeStefano - Governor - candidate

Dan Malloy - Governor - candidate

Kevin Sullivan - Lt. Governor

Susan Bysiewicz - Secretary of State

Denise Nappier - State Treasurer

Nancy Wyman - State Comptroller

Dick Blumenthal - Attorney General

Christopher J. Dodd - Senator

John B. Larson - Congress

Joe Courtney - Congress - candidate

Rosa L. DeLauro - Congress

Diane G. Farrell - Congress - candidate

Chris Murphy - Congress - candidate
Within 24 hours of Schumer inserting his foot in his mouth, the netroots have organized an impressive campaign. Kos is right:

The DSCC truly wants to be the ISCC -- the Incumbent Senatorial Campaign Committee. But that's not what it's tasked with doing.

Schumer and the Senate Democrats don't want to go there. The will of the Democratic voters in Connecticut must be respected. If it's not, they'll get a war they really don't want to fight.

It is great to see where people stand when the chips are down.

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