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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Why did Schumer start a Democratic Civil War?

Senator Chuck Schumer has been good at raising money, but has been a complete disaster strategically as head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. His latest stunt in Connecticut is showing his true colors, even people who defended him after after his stunts in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia are beginning to realize that Schumer is hurting the Democratic Party in the long run with his antics trying to win this year (I feel sorry for future Chairs of the DSCC, it is going to be a lot harder thanks to all of the damage Schumer has done to the institution).

In addition to what the bloggers wrote about the DSCC yesterday, today Democracy for America sent a nationwide email blasting Schumer.

I agree with the blogosphere understanding that nobody should contribute to the DSCC unless you want to risk having your money used against a Democratic Party nominee.

If you want to help take back the senate, contribute to individual candidates, but don't waste your money on a strategically inept middleman. The senate candidates who need your money the most are:

Check them out and if you like them, toss them some coin. And of course, toss Ned Lamont some coin. But don't waste your money on Schumer's incumbent protection rackett.

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