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Monday, June 05, 2006

Support the Netroots, Support BlogPAC

From Chris Bowers:

Today, I am proud to announce that Matt and I have taken over stewardship of BlogPac, an organization founded in 2004 by Markos and Jerome. Rather than operating primarily as a means to channel money to electoral campaigns, under our management, the mission of BlogPac will be primarily to defend the netroots and improve the quality of online activism. Through ActBlue, the netroots already has an excellent means of channeling resources to its favorite campaigns. What we do not have is a formal entity to defend and enhance the political activity of the progressive blogosphere and progressive netroots. BlogPac will now be refocused to serve that function.

Our work is already underway. For over a month now, Matt has been the clear blogosphere leader in the fight to save Net Neutrality, and his tireless efforts have already resulted in tangible victories. At the same time, I have begun to engage in a full-scale effort to defeat the negative branding of the netroots being conducted by certain elements within the political and media establishment. This effort includes a scientific survey of the netroots to be revealed at Yearly Kos, upcoming appearances in major news publications, and an upcoming website to gather all of the best work online written about the netroots.

These are important undertakings we are engaged in to defend the netroots, and to date we have done so without any pay and with few resources. While operating within the free-flowing world of the netroots and the blogosphere allows us to operate with far less overhead than most organizations, we cannot operate without any resources at all. We need to be paid for the work we do. We need money for the surveys we are running. We have bills for a lawyer and an accountant.

This week, during our initial fundraiser, we are looking to raise $15,000 to support our work of defending the netroots. If you want to support Net Neutrality, support BlogPac. If you want to improve the image of the netroots in the established media, support BlogPac.

As BlogPac seeks to defend the progressive netroots, we are looking for our funding from the netroots. We need to know that the work we are doing is important to the netroots, and one of the best ways to guarantee that is for our primary source of funding to be small donations from the netroots activists we are defending. Also, we want to stay in touch with our donors through a series of regular emails and conference calls. This is not only so our donors can hear updates on our efforts, but also so we can hear from you on how well you think we are doing, and on other projects you would like to see us pursue. Your contribution to BlogPac will give you a voice in the direction we take.

BlogPac will be for the netroots, from the netroots. You contribution will not only help make sure that the progressive netroots remains strong and effective, but it will also bring you into a community of people willing to partake in the fight to defend and enhance the netroots. Contribute to BlogPac and join the fight today.
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