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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Phil Angelides and the Environment

Steve Westly's dishonest ads about Phil Angelides and the environment are truly disgusting. But Angelides is fighting back, I just heard his response on the radio and it is a good spot. I went to his website to see if I could find an mp3 -- here is what I found:

Angelides Campaign Releases New Radio Ad Highlighting Broad Support from Environmental Leaders

Ad urges voters to reject Steve Westly's attempt to smear Angelides with false attacks

SACRAMENTO, CA - California State Treasurer Phil Angelides' campaign for Governor today unveiled a new radio advertisement highlighting Angelides' broad support from California's environmental leaders and urging voters to reject Steve Westly's attempt to smear Angelides with false attacks.

"As Governor, Phil Angelides won't just talk about protecting our environment, he'll do it. Phil Angelides will stand up and do what's right to protect our land, our water, and our air," said Angelides for Governor campaign manager Cathy Calfo. "The Sierra Club, the California League of Conservation Voters, Vote the Coast, Clean Water Action, Senators Boxer and Feinstein, and over 70 leading environmentalists are supporting Phil Angelides because they know they can count on him to protect the environment."

"Phil Angelides will be the greenest governor California has ever seen," said Sierra Club past president Larry Fahn.

"Every element of Westly's ad is a lie. Do we want someone with Westly's ethic as governor?" Vote the Coast Executive Director Sara Wan said of Westly's discredited attack ad that falsely claims that Angelides was responsible for polluting Lake Tahoe. "Phil Angelides has the overwhelming support from environmentalists up and down the state. I know Phil Angelides' record and I know that this ad is completely and utterly false."

"We know Mr. Angelides has the integrity to do his job independently," said California Coastal Protection Network director Susan Jordan. "We want a governor who has the integrity to tell the truth."

A script of the ad is below.

"For California" - 60 second radio

The air we breathe ... clean water ... our coastline ... our parks. The environment is important to all of us and we should all be offended by Steve Westly's attempt to smear Phil Angelides with false attacks.

The truth? The Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, Vote the Coast, Clean Water Action and every other major environmental group have endorsed Phil Angelides for his commitment to protect the environment. The Sierra Club said Phil Angelides would be "the greenest Governor California's ever had."

California's teachers. firefighters and so many others we trust have all endorsed Angelides.

Barbara Boxer says "only Phil Angelides will fully fund our schools." And Dianne Feinstein summed it up, saying "It's Phil Angelides who'll put California back on track."

On Tuesday, reject Steve Westly's false attacks and vote for a Governor who will do what's right for California and our environment.

Phil Angelides. A Governor We Can Count On.

Listen to the radio ad by clicking here.

Not only will Westly never get my vote, but the disgusting campaign Garry South has run has caused me to lose all respect for both men. The open letter from the environmental community against Westly's lies nailed it:

Please do not allow these false accusations to turn an election. This is the tactic that Garry South, Westly's campaign manager, is infamous for. He was Gray Davis's campaign manager and principal advisor. He and Mike Murphy (Schwarzenegger's right-wing advisor) ran the Republican dominated Jobs Pac in 2004 and specifically targeted liberal, coastal Democrats, including Pedro Nava and Lori Saldana. Garry didn't win then. Don't let him win now. Not on this basis.

Westly doesn't deserve to be the nominee and he doesn't deserve your vote -- ever. Join Phil Angelides' grassroots campaign, we deserve a Governor we can trust.

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