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Saturday, June 03, 2006

MT-Sen: Bob Ream for Jon Tester

Last September, former Montana Democratic Party Chair Bob Ream said, "Jon Tester is my good friend and he is the only Democrat who can beat Conrad Burns." Here is the text of an email I received from Ream:

Democrats across Montana are flocking to Jon Tester's side in the crucial primary election that will take place in only three days. The momentum in the last two weeks has shifted dramatically. I am writing to invite you to join many Montanans who will be casting their vote for Jon Tester on June 6.

The last Democrat to hold this seat, Senator John Melcher, almost all Democratic legislators (and a few Republicans), Public Service Commissioners, and people from all walks of life not only support Jon, but have stepped up to the plate to help in these closing days. Former Secretary of State Mike Cooney and former State Auditor Mark O'Keefe support Jon. Senate Majority Leader Jon Ellingson, Senate President Pro Tempore Dan Harrington, House Democratic Leader Dave Wanzenreid, and whips in the Senate and House are all supporting Tester because they have worked most closely with him and have confidence in his leadership.

In fact, recent news stories have highlighted people who have switched from Morrison to Tester because they believe that Jon is the best candidate to beat Conrad Burns, including some early major donors to Morrison like trial lawyers Zander Blewett and Cliff Edwards. I have believed that Tester had the best profile to beat Burns since the day he first announced and I believe it even more strongly now.

Ten days ago I cast my ballot at the county court house for Jon Tester. I urge you all to go in to your county courthouse during office hours before noon Monday and cast your ballot for Jon Tester. Simply ask for a ballot, sign the absentee card, and cast your ballot in one stop -- no lines, no fuss, no muss. But the important thing is to get out and vote, either now or on election day. And cast your ballot for Jon Tester, a man with integrity, with Democratic values, and who can beat Conrad Burns in November!

Sincerely yours,

Bob Ream
Former Legislator - 16 years
Former State Party Chair - 8 years

P.S. Jon's campaign can still use your financial help. Please donate what you can today online.
Professor Ream was right last fall and he is right now.

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