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Monday, June 12, 2006

Ned Lamont vs. Joe Lieberman on the Radio

Email from Ned Lamont:

Senator Lieberman is still refusing to rule out leaving the Democratic Party and continue his run for re-election as an Independent. Maybe it was the poll numbers showing our campaign surging over the past month. Maybe it was overflow crowds lining up to see Ned in Willimantic and New Haven last week. Whatever the reason, it is extremely disappointing Senator Lieberman would openly contemplate the unthinkable for any proud Democrat. That's why our campaign started a run of radio ads across Connecticut asking the Senator to pledge his support for the primary winner, just as Ned has. Listen to the ad and sign your name asking Senator Lieberman to do the same:

It's no secret, or surprise, that Senator Lieberman's approval ratings among Republicans are much higher than his ratings among Democrats. Even if he officially abandons the party long after leaving its principles behind, we will still win this November. What the move would do, however, is divide Democrats across the state, putting in peril campaigns for Governor and competitive, top-tier House races. That's why it's so important for you to sign the letter to Senator Lieberman and forward the radio ad to your friends.

Ned's campaign is revitalizing the Democratic party, involving people who have, until now, been sitting on the sidelines and hoping for change. After attending the MoveOn/DFA rally in New Haven last week, State Representative John Geragosian said, "I've been in politics 20 years, and I don't know anyone in this room." That is exactly the kind of evidence of a movement that manifests itself in poll numbers showing us within striking distance less than two months to go. These successes are only possible because of you.
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