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Monday, June 12, 2006

2008: Theocons for Mark Warner

Former governor Mark Warner is taking a lot of heat for pushing a theocon foreign policy against Iran and Venezuela. No wonder Neocon foreign policy architect Richard Perle likes him:

When a perceptive student asked about his preferences for the next president of the United States, Perle made some riveting remarks. He immediately stated his hope that Senator Joseph Lieberman would be the Democratic candidate. Failing that miracle, Perle hopes former Governor Mark Warner will win the Democratic nomination. Perle warmly praised both right-leaning Democrats who are doyens of the Democratic Leadership Council. Richard Giuliani is Perle's favourite Republican. When asked about potential presidential candidates who would cause him concern, Perle swiftly reeled off a long list of Democrats led by Governor Howard Dean, followed closely by Senator John Kerry, former Vice President Al Gore, former Senator John Edwards, and he finished his list of neoconservative hate figures with a revealing comment about Senator Hillary Clinton. (emphasis mine)
Yet another reason why Warner doesn't pass the netroots bullshit detectors.

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