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Friday, June 02, 2006

Ned Lamont Interviewed for Job as US Senator

Jonathan Singer has been regularily interviewing Democratic leaders for a long time. He has interviewed Russell Feingold, Rahm Emanuel, Tom Foley, George McGovern, Jon Tester, and many others.

He recently interviewed Ned Lamont:

Singer: Aside from what we've talked about, or perhaps including it, could you name one fireable offense that Senator Lieberman has committed?

Lamont: Fireable offense...

Singer: Or is it just a cumulative?

Lamont: I think that those who got 132,000 troops stuck in the middle of a bloody civil war should be held accountable. I think those that approved "Heckuva Job Brownie" for FEMA in 42 minutes should be held accountable. I think that those believe that the federal government should intervene in the Terri Schiavo case should be held accountable. That's the last place I want the federal government going, into my hospital room and into my bedroom. I think those who supported Alberto "The Geneva Convention is Quaint" Gonzales should be held accountable.

Singer: Okay.

Lamont: Should I keep going?

What does the netroots candidate want to say to the blogosphere?

Singer: Final question. If there's one message that you'd like to send out to the progressive blogosphere, the netroots, what would that be?

Lamont: What I like about the internet and the netroots and the blogosphere, as you say, is it's unfiltered. It gives politicians - or budding politicians like myself - an opportunity to hear directly from people who care about issues. I get an awful lot of instantaneous feedback, and some of it's constructive and some of it is atmospheric. But I appreciate it. I think it is good for Democracy.

Secondly, I say thank you because when I got into this campaign it was folks like MyDD that said, "Look we know where Joe Lieberman stands. We believe he's wrong on the issues of the day. We don't know where Ned Lamont stands. Before you make up your mind and before you focus on poll numbers and delegate counts, take a look at this guy and see what you think. And all of the sudden instead of having 25 people we had 75 people and then 125 people showing up at Naples Pizza in New Haven. And that's important and that's what grassroots democracy is about. And I think we need more democracy in the Democratic Party and that's why I'm in this primary.

Go read the whole thing...