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Friday, June 02, 2006

Jon Tester Endorsed over John Morrison

This is a great endorsement:

If Democrats want to send Conrad Burns back to Missouri, Jon Tester is the man to do it, and we are happy to endorse his candidacy. We entered this primary season as anything but Tester supporters; in fact, months ago, I asking for reasons why I should prefer one candidate over the other. Day by day, it has become clear that the best choice is Jon Tester. Why? He's better on the issues, and he can defeat Conrad Burns. [...]

John Tester has the best chance of defeating Conrad Burns in November. No question. While the polls say that both men would beat Burns today, it seems unlikely that Morrison will be able to prevail in the long run for two reasons. First, his own ethical lapses will make it impossible for him to attack Burns' most important vulnerability. Frankly, he has been dishonest, evasive, and, according to the attorneys who formerly supported him, unethical. More importantly, it seems like Morrison won't be able to handle a tough campaign. If anything, the Tester campaign has been criticized for being too soft on Morrison, and he hasn't handled that challenge very well. From running from a public radio call-in show to really ineffective attacks against Jon Tester, Morrison just hasn't show the kind of campaigning that will allow him to withstand the inevitable, relentless negativity from the Burns staff.

Finally, Jon Tester is going to appeal to a broader range of Montana voters. From John Melcher to Paul Richards, liberal college students to Eastern Montana farmers, Tester can appeal to a much broader audience. Anyone who thinks that Morrison will cut into Conrad Burns' rural base doesn't understand Montana politics.

Democrats have a clear choice next week. We can choose a well-intentioned, manufactured DLC Democrat, or we can select a candidate who represents our values -- and can win. Please give Jon Tester your support. His committment to the real values of Montana and the Democratic Party have clearly made him the best choice.

On Tuesday, June 6th -- Vote for Jon Tester!

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