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Monday, June 26, 2006

Joe Lieberman is George Bush's Favorite Democrat

joe lieberman george bushOn the same day Senator Joe Lieberman was busted for lying about kissing George Bush and lying in his latest campaign mailer, Ned Lamont refocused the race on the disgraceful capitulation by Sen. Lieberman. Ned Lamont's campaign says:

We are going on the air with a brand new commercial, and we need your help to keep it on the air. While Senator Lieberman distorts facts and outright lies about Ned's record, we are going to hit back with the truth. For too long Senator Lieberman has parroted Republican talking points, giving "Democratic" cover to the president's failed policies. If it talks like George W. Bush and acts like George W. Bush, it's certainly not a Connecticut Democrat. Watch the commercial and help keep us on the air.
30 Seconds: (Quick Time & Windows Media)

The ad is all over the internet, Political Wire says:
Ned Lamont (D) released a devastating campaign ad against Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) today. In it, Lieberman's voice is affixed to a picture of President Bush who appears to be mouthing Lieberman's words on Iraq.
The Hotline says:

The ad features audio of Lieberman saying that "In matters of war, we undermine the president's credibility at our nation's peril" and "We're at a point in Iraq where war is a necessity."

If it talks like George W. Bush and acts like George W. Bush, it's certainly not a Connecticut Democrat.

If Lamont wins this thing, this ad will become legendary.

BTW: the Lamont campaign clearly wants the media to notice this ad and to broadcast it widely in their news stories. Call it a video press release. But it's very provocative.


Ned Lamont's new ad strikes back at Senator Lieberman's vicious lies and distortions with the truth and a challenge. As I've said here before, the second quarter fundraising deadline is coming up on June 30. Ned Lamont is looking for 500 generous people to help keep him on the air by making a contribution before June 30. As of this writing, Ned Lamont has gotten 52 contributors already. Why I bother to put that in here, nobody knows...since the graphic to the left will make my words obsolete with the most up-to-date numbers.

As of this post, the Lamont campaign has raised $14,820 from 243 contributors.

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