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Friday, June 16, 2006

Joe Lieberman and Ned Lamont Debate

First debate, June 6th:

After months of ducking the debate question, Senator Lieberman's handlers have finally agreed to a date. July 6.

This is yet another sign that Senator Lieberman is in trouble, and our campaign looks forward to discussing the issues that matter to the people in Connecticut: the war in Iraq, universal health care, the Bush energy policy, judicial nominees, protecting social security and more. Debating the issues will be a welcome respite from the senator's angry, desperate attack ads.

How many debates? Well, this is the only one they've accepted so far, and we look forward to having debates as often as the senator decides to visit Connecticut.

Joe Lieberman is on the attack because Ned Lamont has the momentum. And now Lieberman is showing yet another sign of weakness (via Atrios):
Usually a big sign of weakness for an incumbent to agree to a debate with a challenger like this.

Does this mean Lieberman will still be a Democrat on July 6th? Or will he wait to see how the debate goes before deciding on jumping ship? So many questions...
Lieberman might be in his second term as Vice President had he not blown the 2000 VP debates and continued to be a wimp during the recount. The sad thing is that Lieberman has even gone further downhill since those sad, sad times.

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