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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ned Lamont has Momentum Against Joe Lieberman

ned lamontIn Connecticut's Democratic Primary, it is clear that Ned Lamont has the momentum. The latest poll is showing a huge Nedmentum surge:

Joe Lieberman 46 (51)
Ned Lamont 40 (31)
Not to mention the endorsement Lamont received from the 26,000 members of the Connecticut Federation of Teachers. And the endorsement of the 32,000 members of the Connecticut Education Association.

Today's Hartford Courant reported on Lamont getting the star treatment in Joe Lieberman's Washington, DC:
It's one thing to be the darling of the liberal bloggers; it's another to pull bodies into a room.

Ned Lamont did that Wednesday as 350 progressive activists crammed a hotel meeting room to witness the Senate challenger's first big national appearance. [...]

Lamont purposefully approached the podium and the crowd rose to its feet, giving him a 20-second standing ovation. [...]

The momentum kept building throughout the talk, all the way to his final pitch: "Be loud and clear about what Democrats stand for." The crowd jumped up again, applauding and whistling.
I've been blogging on this race for a long time, but Ned Lamont is exceeding my wildest expectations.

Oh, one more thing, Lieberman is losing his mind:
Last week Lieberman started running widely ridiculed and majorly deceptive advertisements accusing Ned of... being a Republican. A friend of mine in Hartford, a clinical psychologist, called me yesterday evening and told me she had never seen a clearer case of projection in her career. "It has really torn into his psyche over the last month that more and more Democrats have seen him categorically exposed as a traitor. Everyone knew he was Bush's #1 ally when it came to the brutal occupation of Iraq but now everyone is connecting the dots and seeing that Lieberman is just a Republican in disguise. People who weren't sure who Sam Alito was last month now know that it was because of Lieberman's plotting with the GOP that he was confirmed as a Supreme Court Judge. So what does he do? He accuses Lamont of exactly what he is and what has made people dislike and distrust him: being deceitful and being a Republican."
Go check out Ned Lamont's new online tools.

UPDATE: Joe Lieberman's new ad is really pathetic.

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