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Friday, June 02, 2006

Francine Busby GOTV

Brian Bilbray doesn't even live in California, which may explain why he can't get volunteers locally and has to fly them in:

Could Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to schedule the CA 50 runoff on the same day as the party primaries hurt ex-Rep. Brian Bilbray (R)?

The GOP's registration advantage could be blunted by higher Dem turnout. Dems are holding competitive primaries for most statewide races, including the highly-contested gubernatorial primary. By contrast, the GOP's marquee matchup is for controller. A GOP campaign operative said the timing "definitely doesn't help our chances."

The ballot could also confuse GOP voters. Republicans have to vote for Bilbray twice -- for the runoff and in the primary. This unusual situation has given conservative self-funder Bill Hauf (R) the opportunity to campaign against Bilbray - even though he's supporting him for the runoff.

Growing concerns over scheduling suggests GOPers are getting nervous. 100 NRCC volunteers were flown in to bolster Bilbray's campaign. He raised less money than women's studies professor Francine Busby (D), surprising in a conservative CD. And he's been attacked from the right on his pet issue -- immigration.

Via Mydd:

Swing State Project has info on how to GOTV for Busby, and MoveOn has info on how to phonebank for Busby.

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