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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

All Eyes on Jon Tester for Critical Deadline

I just received the following email from Jon Tester campaign manager Bill Lombardi:

We are now at a critical point in the campaign.

Next Friday, June 30th, is the final day of the fundraising quarter.

Our fundraising this quarter will be read like tea leaves by the press and pundits. They're skeptical that the grassroots can put together the resources needed to defeat Conrad Burns and his more than $3 million in special interest money.

Show them that the grassroots -- the people -- can take the special interests on directly and win:

We've run a lean campaign -- and won the primary at a cost of just $11 per vote, compared to the more than $50 per vote that Burns had to spend.

But come November we need to get a majority of Montanans to the polls to vote for Tester. And we believe that if they know the truth about what Jon stands for, they'll do just that -- because Jon has always stood up for real Montana values and for the working families of our state.

But Senator Burns and the D.C. Republicans want to hide the truth. Conrad Burns is the least popular member of the U.S. Senate. Poll numbers released yesterday show 60% of Montanans disapprove of his job as U.S. Senator.

With numbers this low, the Republican strategy is to drag us down. They're already running TV and radio ads, trying to distort Jon's record and change the subject from the issues that matter most.

We need your support to fight back -- on the air and on the ground:

How well we do by June 30th will send a loud message about the real power of the Montana grassroots versus the power of the special interests.

Please do all that you can in the next two weeks to send a mesage -- and to put Washington, D.C., on notice that the people are taking their government back from the special interests.

Thank you for all that you do,

Bill Lombardi
Montanans for Tester

P.S. Click here to get the real story from the Great Falls Tribune on Republican attacks against Jon.
With everyone pulling together, we can give Tester the resources he needs to win.

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