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Friday, May 26, 2006

Steve Westly Wins Al Checchi Award for Excessive Political Masterbation

From the Merc News:

With just under two weeks left in the nasty primary spat, Controller Steve Westly had spent about $36 million, leaving $3.7 million on hand, according to campaign finance reports that reflect activity through May 20. Most of his campaign cash came from Westly's own personal fortune, earned as an early employee of online auction giant eBay. [...]

All told, the former tech executive has contributed a staggering $34.5 million to his own effort. Only airline mogul Al Checchi, who spent close to $40 million in an unsuccessful campaign in 1998, has spent more money on his own gubernatorial bid.
``What Westly is doing is throwing good money after bad,'' said Angelides' senior adviser, Bob Mulholland. ``He's burning up his money. Anybody who's spent nearly $40 million and is behind in the polls has some serious problems.''
Indeed. The Gray Davis mastermind has the best quote:
Were it not for outside help, ``this race would be essentially over,'' said Westly strategist Garry South.
Were it not for Westly trying to buy the race, it would be over. I mean, come on, Westly has only raised $1.5 million -- that is pathetic, especially compared to Angelides' 23,000 small donors who are invested in the campaign and ready to put Phil over the top. Angelides has the momentum and thousands of people will be at his house parties on Sunday -- you should join them.

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