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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jason Wong for SFDCCC

I was a little surprised today when I saw a google ad that read:

Jason Wong
Democratic County Central Committee
Make the Party Strong on June 6
It isn't every day that you see a candidate for the Democratic Party County Committee running online ads, but I wouldn't expect anything less from Jason Wong. When he says he'll make the Party strong, I believe him.

Jason is running in the 12th District (west side) and deserves your support. Here is some background:
A native San Franciscan, and a product of the public school system, Jason graduated from Lowell High School, and UC Berkeley alum, with a degree in Economics. Today, Jason is a small business owner with a strong concern for the community. He's applied his business skills to create i5labs, a successful and certified minority-owned web development and design firm that is in the process of becoming green-certified. Jason's company created the online department of elections tutorial for SF's rank choice voting to educate voters throughout the city. He will continue to educate the public about the goals of the Democratic Party through digital media.

Jason's top three priorities are: increased voter registration, engage the youth & asian vote, and effectively deploying technology for the Democratic party. He will actively register youth and new citizens, and turn new Democrats into active Democrats. As a Chinese/Asian American candidate aware of the need for inclusion, Jason will listen to the needs of the community and work hard for more involvement. Finally, he will work to make the Democratic Party Website more active, with more frequent updates, interactivity, and aesthetic appeal.

Active in national, statewide, and local campaigns, Jason is the current president of the Asian Pacific Democratic Club, which has registered over 200 new voters.
Jason has the brains and the hustle to be a great addition to the SFDCCC. I agree, the local Party is not doing what it can online and I think Jason would be the perfect person to change that and help harness the netroots.

Not only is he good at using technology, but he also knows how to round up endorsements:
Elected Officials
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
Congressman Tom Lantos
Assemblyman Leland Yee
Board of Equalization Member Betty Yee
Mayor Gavin Newsom
Assessor Phil Ting
Supervisor Fiona Ma
Jose Medina, Former Supervisor

Organizational Endorsements
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Democratic Club, Young Democrat of the Year
San Francisco Women's Political Committee
Chinese American Voter's Action Committee
Westside Chinese Democratic Club
Asian Pacific Democratic Club
Chinese American Democratic Club
Irish American Democratic Club
Mexican American Political Association
African American Democratic Club
Wallenberg Democratic Club Board
Richmond District Democratic Club
District 11 Democratic Club Board
Sunset Reform Democratic Club
San Francisco Young Democrats Club
Community Leadership Alliance
City Democratic Club
Westside Democratic Club
Harvey Milk Democratic Club
Affordable Housing Alliance
Small Property Owners of San Francisco
Outer Mission Residents Association
12th Assembly District Democratic Club
San Francisco League of Conservation Voters
Bay Area Reporter
Filipino American Democratic Empowerment Committee

San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee
Leslie Katz, Chair
Mary Jung, Vice Chair
Jane Morrison 2002-2004 SFDCCC Chair
Matt Tuchow
Catherine Dodd, RN
Scott Weiner
Arlo Hale Smith

Community Leaders
Rafael Mandelman, Alice B. Toklas Board
LeeAnn Prifti, 12th AD Caucus Chair
David Chiu, 13th AD Caucus Chair
Rebecca Prozan, Alice B. Toklas Co-Chair
Owen Stephens, San Francisco Young Democrats President
Ron Dudum, Community Activist
Nick Warshaw, California College Democrats Political Director
Clark Lee, CDP 60th AD Chair
Spread the word to your friends on the west side and vote for Jason Wong on June 6th!

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