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Friday, May 12, 2006

CA-50: Francine Busby has NRCC Freaked Out

The San Diego special election campaign to replace the Dukester is turning into a perfect storm. The fierce battle Democratic Party gubernatorial primary between Phil Angelides and DLC'er Steve Westly is expected to create a strong Democratic turnout on June 6th -- which will be a great benefit for Francine Busby. The GOP Culture of Corruption and Bush at 29% have created a situation where Independents are thinking like partisan Democrats. And Francine Busby is a great candidate -- all of which mean that Busby's campaign is for real and could win the race.

Don't beleive me? National Republican Congressional Campaign head Tom Reynolds seems scared shitless. The NRCC has raised their Independent Expenditure TV buy to $500,000 -- next week alone! The NRCC committment to spend $2.5 million to retain this seat is costing them $1 for every $10 they have in the bank.

Of course, the NRCC is a group of Republican representatives who seem delighted at the notion that a lobbyist for 25 years could be joining their ranks.

You can help bankrupt the NRCC and elect Francine Busby by donating here.

UPDATE: I should note that the grapevine says the increased NRCC buy is a response to what they learned from a new internal poll (which probably would have been released if it had good news, instead they are increasing spending. The last public poll was great news.

SUSA's being very, very good to us today (likely voters, no trendlines):

Busby: 45
Bilbray: 45
Other: 9
Undecided: 1
(MoE: ±4.8%)

Among Dems, Busby is doing a terrific job - she holds them at a rate of 92-3. (Wow!) Meanwhile, Bilbray holds Republicans by 82-12. Of course, there are many more Republicans in this district, so Busby makes up the difference by obliterating Bilbray with indies, 54-19.

Go Francine!

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