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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

D1: Jake McGoldrick loses re-election

Out in San Francisco's Richmond District, the locals are already writing the political obituary for Supervisor Jake McGoldrick. Sup. McGoldrick was never popular, but his re-election odds are so long that few of his supporters are wasting any time, or money, on his re-election campaign.

Recent campaign finance reports show that McGoldrick has raised only $47,486 and this is not for a lack of asking. Donors simply stopped returning McGoldrick's phone calls, oddly enough, about the time Judge Lillian Sing entered the race.

The Richmond is an Asian district and the fact that it is represented by a white guy is due to a once-in-a-lifetime situation where voters were mad enough at Willie Brown to vote out his allies without checking qualifications. The 2000 Brown-backlash gave McGoldrick a seat, but now he faces re-election by an electorate that has moved on from Willie Brown and is looking for a representative that can make progress in addressing the problems facing San Francisco.

Which doesn't fit with a supervisor nicknamed McGridlock.

Supervisor Jake McGoldrick earned the nickname McGridlock after he clogged SF's housing laws with restrictions that had just been rejected by the voters. Since then, Supervisor McGridlock has taken every opportunity to prevent solutions. The way McGridlock votes one would think he works for Chris Daly instead of the people of the Richmond.

As a point of fact, Supervisor McGoldrick brings so much baggage to the campaign that Samsonite stock doubled the first week in May when people started talking about McGoldrick's re-election. Really (SAMC).

Let's face it, Jake's a joke. Seriously, the guy could bore a statue. His campaign finance reports show that his out of district support has dried up and when he asks his constituents to help him out, they point towards the door.

In any instant runoff voting (or ranked choice voting) scenario Supervisor Jake McGoldrick loses his re-election in District 1.

- Bob Brigham
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