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Friday, August 06, 2004

4 + 1 + 11 = 6

OK, four out of the eleven members of the Board of Supervisors are now of sound mind.

Of the other seven, Matt Smith has this to say in the SF Weekly:

San Francisco's four-year experiment in progressive empowerment -- begun when anti-growth activists took over the Board of Supervisors after year-2000 protests against the development of high-tech office space across the city -- needs to end at the polls this November. We certainly shouldn't be signing forms getting more of them on the ballot.

Despite their self-applied name, San Francisco progressives aren't a philosophical or ideological movement in any meaningful sense. Rather, they're a political faction, allied around specific, self-centered financial interests, brought to office four years ago on an anti-growth mandate. Just like other politicians, they participate in backroom deals that have the potential to help their friends, to the detriment of the rest of us. The difference with this crowd is that they concentrate their ill dealings in the most important area of policy in the city -- housing. In four brief years, they've set the livability of the city back decades.

In two in a half hours, we'll know the field of candidates running for supervisor (unless a greenie wackjob runs a write-in campaign like the campaign against Speaker Pelosi).

Once the filing deadline passes, I'll be spending a lot of time writing about the races. So come back for more, but here is the one-sentence on each race:

District 1 - Judge Lillian Sing is the most qualified candidate running in any district and will wipe the floor with McGridlock.

District 2 - Michela Alioto-Pier will coast to her first victory.

District 3 - Peskin spent two and a half years destroying his re-election chances but may have done enough in the last year pull out a another win.

District 5 - Political clusterfuck...roll of the dice.

District 7 - Newsom walks on water west of the peaks and Sean will win with the Mayor's blessing.

District 9 - The progressives are once again eating one of their own with the Green Party having a chance of knocking out Ammiano.

District 11 - Sandoval couldn't win re-election in an uncontested race.

Four years ago, the progressives were elected in a referendum on the mayor. McGridlock and Sandoval didn't win their seats, but rather the Brown allies in those districts were rejected and the pair promised to fight the mayor. This year's district elections will be a referendum on working with the Mayor to progress the City. And progress will have two more votes when the "progressives" in District 1 and 11 are sent packing.

- Bob Brigham
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