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Monday, June 14, 2004

Using religion to gain political advantage

Tomorrow's NYT has a wonderful quote in a great article, Reaganite by Association? His Family Won't Allow It:
"Ron Reagan delivered a eulogy that castigated politicians who use religion "to gain political advantage," a comment that was being interpreted in Washington as a not-so-subtle slap at Mr. Bush.

The remark has provoked intense debate among Republicans about precisely what the younger Mr. Reagan meant. Some saw the reference to religion as a message to the administration on stem-cell research. Others saw it as a possible critique of the war in Iraq. Still others insist there was no deeper message at all."

Well, for all you Republicans who didn't get what he was saying, let me explain, exploiting God in politics is the ultimate political cheapness.

When you're talking about heaven or hell, how much room is there for compromise. Exactly, says George Bush who thinks you're either with him or against him. Well I know what side of that barricade I'm on and I agree with Ron.

God is for church and politics is for everything else. Mix the two and reason is out the door. Which is exactly the administration position on stem cell research and on Iraq and on about every issue that is soiled by the holy rollers.

Well guess what, Mr. Bush, Ronald Reagan's ghost is going to come around and kick you in the ass for going with the religiously popular stance instead of proper American Presidential leadership. Gipper's Ghost gonna get G.W.

- Bob Brigham
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