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Monday, June 14, 2004

New York GOP Convention Protests

Tomorrow is the last day to file for the necessary permits to protest this year's Republican National Convention in New York City.

The AP reports a dozen different groups have applied for permits. Ironically, the Green Party is one of those groups.

Geov Parrish reports on the permits:
"The largest of the over 20 protest permit requests this far has come from United for Peace and Justice, the umbrella group which helped sponsor many of the largest Washington and New York anti-war protests of the past two years. Officially, UPJ organizers say they expect 250,000 people; unofficially, the group is hoping for over a million. Given the timing, location, and the fervor of many of the country's Bush-haters, they might just get it.

What they won't get is any help from the city. Republican mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration has refused UPJ's application for a permit to assemble in Central Park, saying that 250,000 people would damage the grass. This is the same park, mind you, that held over two million for an anti-nuclear concert and rally in 1982. But not to worry: none of the other 20 groups has gotten a permit yet, either."

Yesterday's NYT article on the different tactics protesters are taking included some really pathetic ideas such as LOTR style rings and underwear flashing. But some good ones too such as everyone wearing red bandanas and ringing bells.

I'm sure the Black Bloc groupies will push to shut down the convention.

In a more constructive move, Counter Convention has a ride board and a very useful housing board.

New York Metro gives an overview of what New York and the cops will be facing:
"In fact, the challenge of the Republicans' four-day party for Commissioner Ray Kelly is its almost unimaginable complexity. It will draw nearly 50,000 conventioneers. Plus 15,000 journalists and perhaps as many as 250,000 demonstrators for the opening march on August 29. On top of that, the U.S. Open will be in progress, and both the Yankees and the Mets are home. The U.S. Open alone is a two-week, 646-cop detail out of the 112th Precinct.

The president, the vice-president, and high-ranking members of the Cabinet and Congress will be here. And while the whole world watches, everyone will have to be protected, order will have to be maintained, and all of it will have to be done while ensuring some semblance of normalcy for the rest of the city."

If the cops aren't busy enough, they too also have to make time to protest the Republicans.

But still, even though the cops agree Bush has got to go tension will be high so it is a great thing lots of young NY lawyers are getting ready to lend a hand to the protests.

United for Peace and Justice is the group to follow. And if you want to help support the protests against the GOP convention, contribute here.

RNC Not Welcome has a nice site with solid resources for protesters.

When it comes to following the protests, also be sure to follow the rumors of a free Bruce Springsteen concert to protest the convention.

- Bob Brigham
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