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Monday, June 14, 2004

Official Campaign and 527 Blogwatch

Moveon has a new ad blasting Cheney over Halliburton. In other news, the DNC has a new video contest that sounds a lot like moveon's bush in 30 seconds, except instead of bashing Bush I think the DNC wants you to say something nice about Kerry (do they read the Post?).

John Kerry's blog says:
"On May 22, more than 40,000 people in all 50 states gathered at nearly 2,000 house parties for John Kerry. Not only did people get to participate in an exclusive conference call with John Kerry, they also raised over $1 million in just 1 day, and brought thousands of new donors and volunteers on board our campaign.

That's how you build a winning grassroots movement. And now we're going to do it again on June 26.

June 26 will be about fundraising and more. We're asking people to step forward and pledge to be a volunteer for our campaign between now and Election Day -- even if only for a few hours. We need to start getting feet on the ground now to bring people out to vote and win this election. We are calling June 26th's house party, "From your House to the White House," because people all across America will be meeting in their homes and building November's victory."

The DNC's blog is quiet so far today.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's blog answers some of the questions about Michael Mobbs.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's From the Roots blogs notes today is flag day. The people who write From the Roots' Diary were too busy reading the flag day breaking news to pen anything.

America Coming Together's blog was still from yesterday talking about the day before that.

Music for America great blogs let us know that Paris Hilton is now registered.

Howard Dean's Democracy for America's blog builds the hype for Bridge the Gap for Health Care on June 19.

Yes, it seems every political hack in America seems to have a blog. I link these and more at Politics, Elections, Campaigns, San Francisco Budget, News along with much, much more.

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